About Us

HI THERE.  My name’s Andrea.

First and foremost,  WELCOME  and thank you for visiting my website!  I started this little business of mine shortly after my honeymoon (WifeyCo. was established in March 2015)!  While styling my own wedding, I found myself often disappointed with the options available to me.  Naturally, I started designing and making many pieces for our special day.  I wanted to add creativity, not the kind you can buy in the shop down the street, to other Bride’s wedding days, as well.  WifeyCo. has surely evolved, as have I.  When I became a Mommy, a year later, my focus shifted slightly to Daddy, Mommy and Children items!  Now, we do it ALL – we design apparel for all of the special people in your life AND we provide digital designs for every occasion!  Let’s call it the best of ALL world’s.

The most important thing about me is that I’m a Mommy to the most gorgeous four year old girl, Charley, and the most handsome six month old little guy, Carter!  They steal the show in my life and I’m truly their biggest fan.  Charley and Carter inspire me to be the best I can be in every aspect of life.

I’m a Wife to the best Husband in the world, Josh!  FUN FACT:  My Hubby helps me complete your orders during busy times – he’s THAT stellar!  He created this website for me as a Mother’s Day gift (I had wanted one three years prior, but with being a Mom for two of those years, a teacher and completing orders generated from our social media accounts, I just didn’t have the time!).  In other words, he gave me the gift of time (but not time away from him and my kids, which I TRUTHFULLY never long for).

My family is my EVERYTHING.

I’m a Kindergarten Teacher by day (well, sixty percent of the work week, due to this home business of mine!) and a Designer by night.  Many ask me how I do it and, although sometimes hard, this is a hobby of mine, as well as my business.  In short, I create and design, instead of watching TV!

All of the items available to purchase from WifeyCo. are made, especially for you, from the HANDS AND MINDS of my little family!  It’s with the fullest of hearts that we shout ‘THANK YOU’ for supporting us and small businesses, like us.

I like wine + pretty things, you too?  Let’s chat!  (Honest, if you just want to chat, I’m ALL ears – see the CONTACT US page!)

Talk to you soon!  – Andrea