Birthday Chalkboard


You’re purchasing a (custom) designed BIRTHDAY CHALKBOARD for your little one!  Please see the full description below.



You’re purchasing a (custom) designed BIRTHDAY CHALKBOARD for your little one (please see the template in the photos – we are currently using the formatting, not necessarily the colour scheme/theme, in the ‘Elizabeth’ board)!

No matter how old your little one is turning, it was a year to remember, and why not document it with one of our gorgeous boards?

Please note that you are purchasing a digital file to print locally (see our INFO page for printing suggestions).

Following the purchase of this board, copy/paste/fill out the below questionnaire and send it to us via email.  Please make sure the subject of your email is ‘YOUR NAME – BIRTHDAY CHALKBOARD’.

Thank you for your purchase!


Name of child:
Number of birthday (ie. first, second, third, etc.):
Size of printed product (16×20 is the most popular size for this design):
Colour scheme:
Please feel free to send a photo of party decor you may have already purchased as a representation of your colour scheme/theme.
Up to 5 of your child’s favourite foods:
Up to 5 things your child can say:
Two favourite books, songs OR shows (please choose one category):
Up to 5 things your child can do:
Up to 8 things your child loves:
Up to 3 nicknames your child has:
Your child’s weight:
Your child’s height:
Your child’s number of teeth:
If anything in this questionnaire does not suite the age you are purchasing this board for, or if you’d like to customize a category, please make the change on the questionnaire but ensure that it will fit in the space allocated (view this space in the photos).  If you’d like a larger customization, simply CONTACT US prior to ordering, we’d love to help!