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You’re purchasing a personalized FOREVER ONESIE OR T-SHIRT!  At this moment, the colour options for onesies and t-shirts are black (with a white design), grey (with a white design) and white (with a black design).

Please note that both the onesies and t-shirts fit true to size.

Please note in the note to seller whether you’d like the HEART (first photo) or BUBBLE (second photo) option.  Please also write your child’s name in the note to seller.

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This item by WifeyCo. will quickly become a favourite amongst your little one’s closet!

Thank you for your purchase, we look forward to making this for you!

Please CONTACT US, prior to ordering, with any customization requests!

This kiddo design has my heart bursting. ‘Forever Mama’ is a term I’ve used since my daughter was born — it’s a loaded label that means SO much to me. I’ve signed every letter I’ve written my daughter, with that label. My daughter asked me what something said a short while ago. I told her, ‘Forever Mama.’ Then she belted out… ‘Forever Charley!’ ‘Yes, sweetheart! Forever Charley – PLEASE forever be Charley. Forever be the special, unique person you are. The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice. Your mind. Your story. Your vision. Your heart. Your soul. So laugh and sing, dance and play, write and draw, create and build, love and shine. Stay true to yourself. Embrace your inner beauty and remember to live life as only you can!’ And then the design came. My daughter has been an influence in many, if not most, of the designs. However, this is the first piece that I give 100% credit to her – we have a two year old designer on our hands y’all!



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Onesie, T-Shirt


Black, Grey, White


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