Soundwave Art


You’re purchasing (custom) designed SOUNDWAVE ART for someone special in your life!  Please see the full description below.




You’re purchasing (custom) designed SOUNDWAVE ART for someone special in your life!

These soundwaves are a gorgeous way to let someone know that they mean a lot to your little one.  They’re bound to cause happy tears!

Please note that you are purchasing a digital file to print locally (see our INFO page for printing suggestions).

Following the purchase of this design, copy/paste/fill out the below questionnaire and send it to us via email.  Please make sure the subject of your email is ‘YOUR NAME – SOUNDWAVE ART’.

Thank you for your purchase!


Size of printed product (8×10 is the most popular size for this design):
Colour of soundwave itself (please note that the background will be white, unless otherwise suggested – grey is the colour of the soundwave art printed):
Word/Phrase your child is saying (as you’d like written on the final product):
From (child’s name):
Date (month, year):
Portrait or landscape (it is very likely we will send you your soundwave as a landscape image, as that works with the majority of phrases, but please let us know if you prefer the paper layout be portrait):

Please send the sound/video you’d like made into a soundwave to our email, along with this questionnaire.
If you’d like a larger customization, simply CONTACT US prior to ordering, we’d love to help!